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Visiting Policy of Academia Sinica Cryo-EM Facility (ASCEM)
2021/04/15-04/16 CEM4 ceta replacement of water tank and pipeline.
2021/04/07 Attention! For the convenience of multiple users planning experiments and preparing cryo-samples, from now on, when either CEM3 or CEM4 is expected to be down for repair or maintenance more than a week, the machine time opening for the booking of the other one will be flexibly shortened from 60 days to 30 days from the shutdown date announced. The original booking rule of 60 days will be adopted again in accordance to the machine resumption date announced.
2021/03/31 CEM3 is out of service! Due to the autoloader issue, CEM3 is under repair. An announcement will be made again when CEM3 is restored. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and your understanding will be highly appreciated!
2021/03/19 This is to announce that according to the conclusion from the ASCEM User Committee Meeting held on March 15, 2021, ASCEM now provides staff-operation for cryo-sample preparing by Vitrobot in order to fulfill the needs from AS and non-AS users. Please see “CryoSample/Data” webpage for the new regulations. However, considering the efficiency for the experiment going and the limited manpower of ASCEM, Vitrobot certification is still strongly encouraged for long-term users within AS. In addition, please do follow the reservation regulations for the rights of usage. Every case application needs to be approved by the Lab Supervisor/PI, or the case will be considered as “cancelled” if the Lab Supervisor/PI doesn’t complete the online approval procedures before the deadline.
2021/03/15 10:00-12:00 IBC R209 ASCEM User Committee Meeting (not open to the public).
2021/02/23 Contact Numbers change! Please note that from now on, ASCEM’s phone numbers are changed from +886-2-2787-1535 to 2787-2572 for the facility and from +886-2-2787-1543 to 2787-2553 for Dr. Yuan-Chih Chang. Thank you!
2021/01/29 CEM3 is back on service! The online booking system will be open at noon 12:00 of 1/29. Please follow the new application procedures, thank you!
2021/01/19 DMC1 Publication Release Press visit.
2020/12/31 In response to the reorganization of ASCEM, the website will be updated as well. So, some webpages will be temporarily closed from January 1, 2021. Your understanding will be appreciated!
2020/12/29 14:00-16:00 IBC R209
ASCEM Reorganization Plan & User Meeting, hosted by Academia Sinica.
2020/12/14-12/20 Shut down notice! Due to the installation and test of SerialEM system, CEM4 is out of service for a week. Sorry for the inconvenience that may cause!
2020/12/02 The biweekly CryoEM (ECT/SPA) meeting to be originally resumed on December 8 will continue to be suspended until a resume notice is announced to members. Thank you for your understanding!
2020/11/25 Shut down notice! CEM3 is out of service for the autoloader breakdown. We will announce again when the service is back. Sorry for the inconvenience that have caused!
2020/10/12 ECT group discussion meeting will keep being suspended until December 8 due to the ongoing transformation plans. In the future, ECT and SPA group meetings will be combined together as CryoEM meeting.
2020/10/12 CEM3 is back on service.
2020/10/08 Shut down notice! Due to the replacement of old parts, CEM2 will be out of service from 10/25 to 10/30. Sorry for the inconvenience that may cause.
2020/09/25 Shut down notice! CEM3 is out of service for the autoloader breakdown. We will announce again when the service is back. Sorry for the inconvenience that have caused!
2020/09/23 Academia Sinica Core Facilities Promotion Exhibition is held at GRC 1F Auditorium (9:30-17:30). 20 facilities on site for Q & A. ASCEM’s narration time is scheduled from 10:40 to 10:55.    Poster 1   Poster 2    Poster 3
2020/09/08 Shut down notice! In response to the routine maintenance of high-voltage power outages by Academia Sinica, CEM1 locating at the Institute of Chemistry will be shut down on 9/20, and ASCEM will be shut down for 3 days from 9/18 to 9/20 for a further cooperation with the water-chiller system maintenance by the Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Research Building and the high-voltage power room construction by DAAIS. As for the ASCEM-ASGC service, it is scheduled to be shut down for one day on 9/27.
2020/09/04 Shut down notice! CEM3 and CEM4 are out of service for repairing autoloader and K3 camera respectively. We will announce again when the service is back. Sorry for the inconvenience that have caused!
2020/09/01 Shut down notice! Due to the regular maintenance of ASCEM air conditioning system, CEM4 will be out of service on 9/3 (Thursday) while CEM2 and CEM3 will be out of service on 9/8 (Tuesday).
2020/08/31 Due to some transformations in the near future, ECT group discussion meeting will be temporarily suspended in September.
All the RELION and GPU related services will not be available due to a scheduled ASGC GPU server maintenance. Your understanding is appreciated!
2020/06/22-06/24 ASCEM-ASGC computing service shut down! As ASGC will have power maintenance on 6/22 (Mon.), they will adjust file directory for users at the same time, and it will be easier to use in the future. The task may take 2-3 working days. The pathway will be simplified from /cryoem_user/scratch/data/(user group) to
/cryoEM/data/(user group). The adjustment may cause you to change your original calculation settings or even need to recalculate from beginning. Sorry for the inconvenience that may cause!
2020/06/01-06/24 CEM2 is out of service for parts replacement, repair and maintenance!
2020/06/01-07/05 CEM4 is out of service for upgradation! If the processes are finished earlier, an announcement will be made when it is back on service. Thank you!
2020/05/29 Since ASCEM-ASGC GPUs recently have been always full-loaded, to create a fairer environment for all ASCEM-ASGC service users, some new short-term policies will need users’ cooperation. Your understanding will be highly appreciated!
1. Every User will be limited to use only one version of Relion, either 3.0 or 3.1, as the working interface whenever logging in.
2. Whenever Relion is turned off, User needs to wait for 6 hours before launching Relion again.
3. Any additional requests for more GPUs or longer continuous time period for Relion usage and so on can be proposed via emailing to Dr. Joseph Meng-Chiao Ho.
4. Users of CPU-based Cistem are not the subjects to the new policies.
2020/05/11-5/13 CEM3 shut down! CEM3 is out of service for water-lock system maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience that may cause.
2020/05/04 CEM1 is back on service! Please note that for the prevention of COVID epidemic, samples must be handed over only at the main gate of the Institute of Chemistry, and users are still temporarily not allowed to enter the TEM room. Contact person: Dr. Rob Shih-Hsin Huang. Thank you!
2020/05/01 Attention! CEM3 & CEM4 have new service rate! Please see Charges for details. The new charge scheme will be implanted for cases closed in June and afterwards. Thank you!
2020/04/13-04/17 CEM4 is out of service for upgrading.
2020/04/10 The biweekly ECT meeting is resumed, and the next meeting will be held at IBC R209 on April 14, 2020. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, please be noted the following precautions, thank you!
1. 70% ethanol will be provided for you to sanitize your hands before entering the meeting room
2. Sign in for keeping a record
3. Face Masks are required for attendees to wear during the entire meeting.
4. Keep good social distancing by not seating next to each other (taking alternating seat).
2020/03/25 Due to the recent increased COVID-19 risk on campus, the biweekly ECT group discussion meetings and talks will be postponed from now on until further notice. Your understanding will be highly appreciated!
2020/03/25 Due to COVID-19 epidemic, ASCEM will change service policy to reduce non-essential contact as
the attachment. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated!
2020/03/20 For preventing the spread of COVID-19, there will be access control for ASCEM starting today.
1. Please email ASCEM staff, your PM or office staff, before you come to ASCEM for experiments. Also, only those who will do the experiments shall enter the site, and please stay at the site in accordance to your reservation time.
2. Please remember to wear a mask all the time when you are at ASCEM.
3. CEM1 will have a tentative closing of the service for now. Please directly contact Dr. Wei-Hau Chang (weihau@chem.sinica.edu.tw) if there is essential need.

Shortly speaking, “no experiment, no entry” and “no mask, no entry”. Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated!
2020/02/03 Welcome Associate Research Scientist, Dr. Ying-Chih (Thomas) Chi, from cryo-EM core facility at Columbia University Medical Center, USA visits ASCEM.
2020/01/21 The Biweekly 2020 Academia Sinica ECT Interest Group Meeting will start from 2020/02/18. The time will be 2-3:30pm and the location will be IBC R303. Welcome to join us!
2020/01/06 14:00-15:00 IBC R303
ECT Group Discussion Meeting: a kick-off meeting for the ECT interested group. The meeting aims to facilitate the interests and development of the ECT in Academia Sinica and Taiwan. The format and schedule for the future Meetings will be discussed.  Photo
2020/01/02 Chimera is now available in CisTEM APP. ASGC service users can find the Chimera instruction on the banner when open a terminal inside the CisTEM APP.
2019/12/31 CEM4 is back on service!
2019/12/19 CEM4 shut down! CEM4 is out of service now, and an announcement will be made when it is back on service. Thank you!
2019/11/28-12/6 CEM1 shut down! RP pump of Vacuum System is under maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience that may cause.
2019/11/10-11/17 Welcome Prof. Weon-Tae Lee, Prof. Ji-Hye Yun, and Mr. Jae-Hyun Park (PHD student) from Yonsei University, Korea and Prof. Sam-Yong Park from Yokohama City University, Japan come to visit ASCEM and conduct collaborative experiments.
2019/11/06 Photos taken for AS ads and promotion on Nature.
2019/11/06-11/10 [The maintenance time extends to 11/14 for adding new disc servers.] Due to the maintenance of ASGC DiCOS storage system, the access to storage system (/cryoem_user/scratch) will be limited from 11/06-11/10. Please contact us if there is any emergent need. Thank you!
2019/10/23 Welcome Prof. Hiroshi Sugiyama from Kyoto University, Japan and Dr. Mark J. O’Connor from AstraZeneca, the invited speakers of 2019 K.T. Wang Bio-Organic Chemistry Lectureship, visit ASCEM.  Photo1   Photo2
2019/09/26 Both CEM3/4 are back on service!
2019/09/25 preliminary site survey of a WebTV program production of Academia Sinica.
2019/09/24 CEM4’s FEG emission is slightly unstable now due to electricity outage maintenance of Interdisciplinary Building on 9/22 and is under observation.
2019/09/16 CEM3 is out of service now! An announcement will be made when it is back on service. Thank you!
2019/09/16-09/18 CEM4 No Service due to maintenance.
2019/09/01 ASGC Annual Data Storage Fee: NTD 1,000/TB per year. From September to December of 2019, only 1/3 of the annual fee will be charged, and the unit is NTD333/TB. (Start from 2019.09.01)
2019/08/16 CEM4 is back on service. However, we experience some vacuum issue on CEM3 and is trying to solve it.
2019/08/12 CEM3/4 Shut down! ASCEM is restoring CEM3 vacuum and we expect to have CEM3 back on service on August 14. CEM4 is currently out of service and we are still looking for the root of cause.
2019/08/05-08/09 CEM3/4 Shut down and air conditioning repair! To cooperate with the construction of Ultra-Precision Lab and the maintenance of ASCEM’s air conditioning at the Interdisciplinary Building B2, CEM3 and CEM4 will be closed next week. Your understanding is highly appreciated!
2019/07/31-08/02 Air conditioning repair! Please be noted that due to unexpected problems of ASCEM desiccant rotor dehumidifier at Vitrobot room, it is scheduled to be repaired between 7/31 to 8/2. Accordingly, it may be unable to constantly control the humidity of instrument rooms at 20% these days.
2019/07-08 Welcome Prof. Lee-Wei Yang from NTHU and Prof. Hui-Chih Huang from NCHU, as Short-Term Visiting Scholars of Institute of Biological Chemistry Academia Sinica, visit ASCEM and closely exchange experience and collaborate with facility members during summer visiting period.  Photo1   Photo2
2019/07/10 Welcome Mr. Nai-Shin Chiang, a member of Legislative Yuan, led by Dr. James C. Liao, the President of Academia Sinica, and accompanied by Dr. Chi-Ming Liang, a Distinguished Visiting Chair of GRC, and Dr. Chun-Hung Lin, the Director of Dept. of Academic Affairs and Instrument Service, visit ASCEM.  Photo1   Photo2
2019/06/21 Welcome Director Koichi Kato, Prof. Shinji Takada, Prof. Kazuhiro Aoki, Prof. Hisashi Okumura, Prof. Takayuki Uchihashi, and Prof. Maho Yagi-Utsumi of Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems (ExCELLS), Japan visit ASCEM.
2019/06/06 Welcome Dr. Daniel Bollschweiler, Cryo-EM Facility Manager at Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, German visits ASCEM.  Photo
2019/06/04 Welcome the participants of AS-Malaysian Universities Academic Symposium visit ASCEM.  More   Photo1   Photo2   Photo3
2019/05/27 Welcome Prof. Keith Hodgson and Prof. Britt Hedman of Photon Science at SLAC, Stanford University, USA, visit ASCEM.
2019/04/18 ASCEM’s first publication! The research is conducted by Prof. Chin-Yu Chen from NCU, Academician Ming-Daw Tsai, and Dr. Yuan-Chih Chang (ASCEM Manager) etc.  News
2019/03/15 Welcome Prof. Yoshikazu Takada from School of Medicine, University of California, Davis, USA visits ASCEM.
2019/03/11 Welcome representative of AstraZeneca visits ASCEM again.
2019/01/10 Welcome Mr. Filip Surmont, Medical Director Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease International at AstraZeneca, visits ASCEM.
2019/01/07 Welcome Dr. Shih-Chieh Jeff Ti from Lab of Chemistry and Cell Biology, the Rockefeller University, New York, USA visits ASCEM.
2018/12/14 “ATTENTION” From 2019/01/01, the Academia Sinica Facility Reservation System – “Cryo-EM Core Facility, IOC” and “Cryo-TEM Core Facility, ICOB” will be closed for access. Application of CEM1 (JEOL JEM-1400), CEM2 (FEI Tecnai G2 F20 TWIN), and Vitrobot will be shifted to “Academia Sinica Cryo-EM Center (ASCEM)”. In addition, for those who apply for using facility in 2019 may now submit requests via “Academia Sinica Cryo-EM Center (ASCEM)” after referring to the detailed procedures on ASCEM “Access” webpage.
2018/12/06 Welcome representatives from President International Development Corporation (PIDC), a collaborator of TPP, visit ASCEM.
2018/11/30 Welcome Prof. Yap Moh Lan from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) visits ASCEM.  Photo
2018/11/23 Welcome Prof. Nien-Jen Hu from National Chung Hsing Uni. and 6 scholars from United Kingdom and Japan visit ASCEM.  Photo1   Photo2   Photo3
2018/11/20 Welcome Prof. Re’em Sari, the vice president of Research at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, visits us. Photo
2018/11/12 Welcome Prof. Sriram Subramaniam, the Gobind Khorana Chair for Cancer Drug Design, University of British Columbia, Canada visits ASCEM.  Photo
2018/10/03 Welcome Dr. Archana Chugh and Dr. Manidipa Banerjee from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, the participants of the 2nd AS-IIT Delhi Bilateral Workshop, visit ASCEM.  Photo1   Photo2
2018/09/29 Welcome Prof. Seung Jae Lee from Chonbuk National University, Korea visits ASCEM.
2018/09/26 ASCEM Operational Plan’s Grant number is out! It is AS-CFII-108-110. Please mark it on your publication when acknowledge ASCEM’s assistance in hardware, software, or consultant and so on.
2018/09/20 Academia Sinica Facility Promotion Exhibition. 10 facilities on site for Q & A. ASCEM’s narration time is scheduled from 14:30-15:00.  Photo1   Photo2
ASCEM’s Grand Opening Symposium and Workshop
  Photo1   Photo2   Photo3   Photo4   Photo5   Photo6   Photo7
2018/08/06 Welcome Prof. Yi-Hsien Lee and 4 students from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University visit ASCEM.
2018/08/03 Welcome Dr. Ming-Wen Ju, a research fellow of Center for Condensed Matter Sciences of National Taiwan University (NTU), visits ASCEM on behalf of Office of Research and Development, NTU .
2018/06/13 Welcome the participants of The 13th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation (SRI2018) visit ASCEM.  Photo1   Photo2   Photo3
2018/03/01 New operation policies for CEM1 and CEM2 have been released, welcome to make a reservation! The new facilities, CEM3 and CEM4, are undergoing installation and tests, and will be ready for reservation on July 1st, 2018.
2017/12/21 CEM3 (Arctica) and CEM4 (Krios) arrived to Academia Sinica and the installation will start from 2017.12.25. It is expected to complete the whole installation procedures at the end of May 2018.
Job opportunity
2018/05/21 Postdoctoral position in Cryo-EM at the University of Colorado Denver. More

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