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CryoSample – ASCEM Vitrobot Training and Service Guidelines (2019.07)
  For Vitrobot applicants, ASCEM will provide basic training and certification of users from Academia Sinica. After certification, the user can prepare their cryo-grid (cryo-sample) by himself/herself.
  The cryo-grid preparation by Vitrobot is the most critical step to obtain a high-resolution cryoEM structure. However, every bio-sample has unique properties and is preserved in different buffer solutions, resulting in different optimal conditions for cryo-grid preparation. Moreover, many factors can influence the final outcome of cryo-grid preparation, so it is best that users who know the sample well prepare/test the cryo-grid preparation. In addition, due to the limited manpower, it is indeed difficult for ASCEM to provide customized cryo-grid service for every user. Actually, the cryo-grid sample preparation service is not provided at any cryoEM facility around the world.
Q1. In what condition can ASCEM assist to operate Vitrobot for users?
A1. If the need is occasional and sample is relatively simple (e.g. liposome); or when a project is urgent and the user cannot be certified in time, ASCEM can assist to prepare cryo-grid twice.
Q2. Why is Vitrobot operation limited to certified users from Academia Sinica only?
A2. To ensure facility safety, only users with Academia Sinica Employee ID Card are allowed to enter the site without being accompanied by staff. In addition, to maintain ASCEM Vitrobot and to ensure its service quality to all applicants, only certified users are allowed to operate ASCEM Vitrobot without any supervision.
Q3. Alternatives for non-Academia Sinica Vitrobot applicants
A3. Some other cryoEM institutes in Taiwan, e.g. Institute of Physics of NTU, NCKU, NSRRC, and Genomics Research Center of AS, are also equipped with Vitrobot or equivalent sample preparation instruments for cryoEM structure determination. Non-AS users are recommended to do cryo-grid preparation there. If using ASCEM Vitrobot is still a necessary, non-AS user may collaborate with a certified member of an AS lab or with Taiwan Protein Project (http://tpp.ibc.sinica.edu.tw/en-index.php).
Data – ASGC Account & DiCOSAPP data handling (2019.08)
ASGC Account
  STEP 1: Account application
  For Academia Sinica user, you may directly use SSO to sign up.
For Non-AS user or those who don’t have SSO, please apply a DiCOS Account. Related Info
  STEP 2: Once your account is activated, you need to do the certification procedures in your browser.
DiCOSAPP Data Handling
If you confront any problem about ASGC account, please contact Dr. Joseph Meng-Chiao Ho
Pay-for-Use CryoEM Data Storage and Computing Resource
  To ease the need for large data storage of cryoEM studies, ASCEM-ASGC provide a pay‐for‐use CryoEM Group Space service for data storage. An independent directory will be created for each user group and the group PI will be the contact person for the service management.
  The charge for the Space is NTD 1,000 for 1TB per year. The fee covers from Jan 1st to Dec 31st in a year. Users can always add more storage space anytime, but it still ends at Dec 31 of the same year. The charge will be paid as the way for facilities usage. Users within Academia Sinica (AS) will pay for the usage via intramural budget accounts and users outside AS will receive a payment notice for further instructions.
  Users should acknowledge TPP, ASCEM and ASGC in the publication if computing resource is used.
  For the policies of accounts and data storage/deletion management, please read the instructions (ASCEM-ASGC Resource Usage for CryoEM Data Storage and Computing).

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