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Chiang WTien, Chang YK, Hui WH, Chang SW, Liao CY, Chang YC, Chen CJ, Wang WC, Lai CC, Wang CH, Luo SY, Huang YP, Chou SH, Horng TL, Hou MH, Muench SP, Chen RS, Tsai MD*, Hu NJ*
The K+ uptake system KtrAB is essential for bacterial survival in low K+ environments... Read more
Yeh MC, Hsu NH, Chu HY, Yang CH, Hsu PH, Chou CC, Shie JT, Lee WM, Ho MC*, Lo KY* Journal of Cell Biology (2024)

Lin HH, Wang CH, Huang SH, Lin SY, Kato T, Namba K, Hosogi N, Song C, Murata K, Yen CH, Hsu TL, Wong CH, Wu YM, Tu IP, Chang WH Scientific Reports (2024)

Chang, YH, Hsu MF, Chen WN, Wu MH, Kong WL, Lu MYJ, Huang CH, Chang FJ, Chang LY, Tsai HY, Tung CP, Yu JH, Kuo Y, Chou YC, Bai LY, Chang YC, Chen Ay, Chen CC, Chen YH, Liao CC, Chang CS, Liang JJ, Lin YL, Angata T, Hsu STD*, Lin KI* JCI Insight (2024)

Cryo-EM academic activities can be posted here by providing information to staff.

Recruitment for PhD/MS facility manager....   More
The Chameleon, the next generation workstation for cryo-EM sample preparation, locates at the Genome Research Center of Academia Sincia is now promotionally open to academic users…More

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